Monday, December 27, 2010


The International Christmas Swap organized by Caterina is over ( You can see all picture here:
I got the parcel from Carin Foster from Canada ( She made for me:
- pumpkin (an autumn)
- Christmas cake and candies (a winter)
- a rocking dog (a kid's toy). Unfortunately I can't show you the rocking dog right now because I hid it from my 4 year old princess (she loved it a lot and I didn't want her to brake it). So, I hid it so good that now can't find, but don't worry it is in a saved place, somewhere..., and when I find it I will post an image.

Thank you, Carin, it is very cute.

Unfortunately I can't show you the pictures of what I sent to Caterina because she hasn't got it yet. My husband's illness slowed me down in preparing and shipping the gifts for her, plus weather leaves much to be desired, but I hope, Caterina, you will get it soon and will not be upset. Smile! Happy coming New Year!


cockerina said...

dear Natalia, thank you for not having shown a picture of what you've done for me!
I still hope to receive your gift soon, so I do not lose the surprise! ah ah!
many wishes for the healing of your husband!
kisses, Caterina

Sans! said...

Caterina's swap always fun :). I am sure your present to her will be a lovely one :).


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