Friday, November 16, 2012

Dollhouse Miniature Christmas Tree Tutorial

Reading Casey's posts about her Russian Cottage

reminds me that my project devoted to my Grandma "Conversation with God" has been neglected for a long time. Actually, not only this one. In each project there is something that is missing and it takes too long time for me to figure out what it is. I envy green to those of you who finishes their projects, roomboxes so fast.

While I am thinking about what has to be thought about, I want to show you my Christmas tree in process. This Christmas tree will go to my Country roombox.

First I took a Christmas tree that they sell at any craft stores.

Turned it upside down

and started attaching little branches of lycopodium to the tree from the bottom, I used glue.

Closer to the top I used smaller pieces of lucopodium

Then I trimmed my tree till I started liking it

After my Christmas tree with a new look has dried, I took off that wooden bottom piece

I prepared a new trunk for the Christmas tree. It was made from a dowel of the size I needed and covered with plastic wood that dries very fast. After that I painted it

and drilled a little hole

My trunk is ready to be attached to the Christmas tree.

It's there

Next step I made a base for my tree.

I took a round wooden piece, the bottom and the sides were painted green,

a green piece of fabric to cover another side of the wooden piece,

and a piece of Wonder-Under paper

and attached a piece of fabric to the wooden piece with the help of Wonder-Under paper.

Ironed on the top of fabric:

This is the look from the bottom of the wooden piece

I trimmed the fabric around.

This is how the bottom looks

and this is how the top of the Christmas tree base looks like now

You can use any color of fabric for the base simulating the Christmas tree skirt. As for me, I am going to stitch one. Maybe it will be ready for the next Christmas 2014, :)))

I hope you are not tired of this tutorial yet, because I have a couple more pictures to show to you.

I glued my Christmas tree to the base, put the Christmas lights around the tree

and also this little pretty Christmas Angel (it was a gift from my fellow-miniaturist from the local dollhouse club) at the top of the Christmas Tree.

Now my Christmas tree is ready to be decorated. I will hide this lights and cords deeper inside the tree.

Have a great weekend and a lot of finished projects!



mcddiss said...

que bonito que has dejado ese arbol, no parece el mismo, yo tambien soy de las que les cuesta ternimar las escenas y tambien envidio a la gente que es capaz de empezar y termianr algo sin enredar por medio con otras cosas



afairytalecometruewyrna said...

Where are you creative and idea rich. It is well made. I just bought a Christmas tree on Abay, it is quite boring. Yours are super nice.

Unknown said...

thank you for the tutorial, I wanted a xmas tree and did not like the ones that were for sale and could not afford the better ones, now thanks to you I can do one myself, its lovely and I love your angel

miniacollection said...


Xandra Dekker said...

Wat een transformatie... Prachtige kerstboom heb je gemaakt. Een hele verbetering met de oude.

Groeten Xandra

Fabiola said...

Now your Christmass tree is wonderful. I like the angel.
Bye Faby

Dorien Litjes said...

Dear Natalia,
Thanks for sharing. Your Christmas tree is wonderful.
Greetings Dorien.

Sans! said...

I don't like Xmas trees, not in minis or real life but you have definitely made the shop bought one 100 times better with your improvements!

Ксаня said...

это потрясающе елка изумительная. а где вы взяли веточки?????

Ascension said...

Natalia, gracias por ese fantastico tutorial, tu arbol ha quedado precioso!!!!!!!!!!
besitos ascension

Eliza said...

Amazing transformation! Love the way you made a new trunk for your tree. I'll have to try that!

otterine said...

Love that cute! :D

Tatiana said...

Хорошенькая елка получилась!
Можно встречать Рождество и Новый год!


Drora's minimundo said...

Your tree looks fabulous! What a change over.
thanks for your tutorial. I wish I could get lucopodium here.
Hugs, Drora

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: congratulations for creating this beautiful Christmas tree. You are doing a great job. For me it is very difficult to create ... I have no such ability. Keep in touch

Maria Ireland said...

Your tree looks fantastic thank you for the wonderful tutorial. The little angel is beautiful. I also get green with envy when others finish so fast or just finish lol but me and I am sure lots of others get green with envy when they see your fantastic needlework ;)
Hugs Maria

BiWuBär said...

What an improvement - great idea and great job! Thanks for sharing the idea and all the effort you've spent in this fantastic tutorial. Hope we'll see it decorated soon...


Mary said...

Your tree is lovely. Thank you for sharing you beautiful angel, I've been thinking on trying to make one, now seeing yours I have been inspired and have more ideas.
A Big Mini Hug

Cris Bottaro said...

Uma transformação maravilhosa! Obrigada por compartilhar. Beijos em teu coração.

maribel said...

Un verdadero arbol de navidad. Que chulo!

Momma Cat said...

Wow, this looks awesome! So much more real than when you first got it from the store!

-Baby Cat

hermandad said...

Me encanta ese arbol, tendre que probar
Un beso Rocio


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