Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Collection of Dollhouse Miniature Teapots

Do you remember that cute children song

"I am a little teapot, short and stout
Here is my handle and here is my spout"

One of my weak points is miniature teapots and I believe I've never showed you my growing collection of them.

Here it is:

I made a little temporary display for them but have an idea in my mind how to arrange it better. It is a future project that is not on the list this year. It might happen when I am ready to work on it the collection will be slightly bigger, :)))

Here you can see 2 upper shelves closer

and bottom shelf

Let's look at them closer now. This little tiny teapot is only 5 mm long and has a hummingbird on the top of the lead that comes off.

By the way, all leads come off. It is hard to say what teapot is my favorite, but this swan teapot is definetly unusual, true?

I didn't see her, but I am sure a little fairy lives in this fairy house teapot

The teapots with different flowers will look nicely on the table in the garden. I love to drink tea, I love nice teapots!

Would you like to come and have tea with me?

You are invired!



Kike said...

Hi Natalia, a wonderful scene. Teapots are vey little and cute

Congratulations for this work of yours


afairytalecometruewyrna said...

I would love to drink tea with you. So many and so special all together. I immediately thought of the the cartoon "Beauty and the Beast" and my favorite is the Fairy House and I'm sure there live fairies. The pink with roses is also very beautiful. Very beautiful treasure you have here.

contar said...

es una colección muy especial no sabría decir cual me gusta mas, la comprendo cuando quiere exponerlas en un sitio para admirarlas mejor
un abrazo

mcddiss said...

una escena muy fina aunque sea temporal, y esas teteras son preciosas



Unknown said...

what a lovely collection, I loved them all

Katrina said...

Hello, what a beautiful collection. I would like to drink tea with you. Can we use the pink one. Its my favorite. Hugs Kati

thea said...

Yes, I loved to come to drink some tea with you. Wonderfull are the teapots, you made a beautiful scene

Regards Thea

Drora's minimundo said...

I'd love to come and have tea with you, especially if it's served from one of these gorgeous teapots. It is difficult to chose which I like best. May be the tiny one on the table with the humming bird. A lovely collection and a great display.
Hugs, Drora

Judith said...

These are just adorable Natalia! I too love teapots - both miniature and full size, and have quite a collection in my own little tea rooms. But these are something else - so delicate and so, so pretty. I love them!! Judith x

Judith said...

I love teapots too and yours are all adorable - so very pretty. And the cakes look good enough to eat. Judith x

carmen said...

que bonita colección

Sans! said...

I know which one is my favourite! the fairy house t-pot! :):).

Please please please may I join you for a bit of tea?

Tatiana said...

Очень красивая и нежная коллекция!
Мне понравились фотографии!

Fabiola said...

Yes, of course!
This scene is wonderful! I like your fabulous and original teapots.
Bye Faby

Maria Ireland said...

Your teapot collection is gorgeous. I also adore teapots and collecting tiny ones is on my to do list lol. I love all of yours. The swan teapot is very original. Thanks for the invite :)
Hugs Maria

Ilona said...

Oh how I wished I could come to you to drink tea, Natalia. The collection teapots is gorgeous, it is impossible to choose which one would be my favorite. I especially love that little pot with the hummingbird, soooo tiny!!
Hugs, Ilona

ANDA said...

Wonderful collection! And the furniture is beautiful!

Indy_Poppy said...

The teapots are great.I love the swan one. I always see little teapots online and think...what can I do with them..They make a great display.

Contrastes-Rosa Mª said...

Una colección preciosa, pero la del cisne es divina, feliz fin de semana:)

BiWuBär said...

There lives a fairy in that beautiful teapot - I saw her waving hello through on of the windows! A beautiful collection - they really deserve their own project one day. And although I don't drink tea I would come over to join your tea party...


Unknown said...

Love these little teapots Natalia! So cute! The fairy house is definitely my favourite :) Lovely wire furniture too x

KK said...

They are all beautiful Natalia!
Many thanks for sharing them with us!
Helen. x

maribel said...

Muy bonito. Me encanta el cisne

Pilar said...

esas teteras son espectaculares!felicidades!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Hello fro Spain, this song is very famous on TV in my country. The teapot shaped house is beautiful and very cute. I would like very much to shake with you a nice cup of tea. Keep in touch

rosanna said...

I can totally relate with you,I keep buying mini,and real life,teapots,I don't know where to place them anymore but I cannot resist.
I dolove yours. my favourite? the white one with the black gingham border and red flowers.

Melli Hobby said...

I would like to have a cup of tea!!
Your teapots are amzing!!!My favorite teapot is the one looks like a house!

Хуторская Юлия said...

Какое всё крохотное и красивое! Фантастические работы!


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