Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Serapi - Work in Progress

Last 6 days I've been working on outlining the borders of Heris Serapi rug. I also managed to finish 2 Spandrels (or corner brackets, or guards).

It is so interesting that in the rug world different sizes have their amusing names.

A rug measuring 5' x 9' (1,80 x 2, 80 m) and over is called Qali.

A long narrow rug, 5' x 16' (1,80 x 5 m) is called Kellegi.

A runner, which is about a yard wide and from 8 to 20 feet (2,50 to 6 m) long is called Kenareh.

A rug of bow-window or sofa size, measuring about 4'3" x 6'11" (1,30 x 2, 10 m) is called Dozar.

A small rug, measuring about 3.5' x 5' (1 x 1,5 m) is called Zaronim.

A bedside size, about 2.4' x 5' (0,70 x 1,40 m) is called Zarcherek.

A small bedside rug, about 2' x 3' (0,60 x 0,90 m) is called Pushi.

TTurkish name for a small bedside rug, usually 10" to 1' (0,25 to 0,40 m) wide and 2' to 3" (0,5 to 0,8 m) long is Yastik.

The size of my Serapi is approx. 5" x 7". Should I call it Dozar?

If you look at the picture above, you will see that a rug has its own parts and they are:

1. Medallion
2. Field
3. Corner brackets, they are also called guards, or spandrels, or quarter panels
4. Guard borders, or inner and outter borders
5. Main border

It doesn't look like I accomplished a lot last week, true? But only in those straight lines of borders there are more than 4,000 stitches made.

Back to work!



Dorien Litjes said...

Dear Natalia,
What a beautiful rug. There are many hours of work in this carpet.
Hugs Dorien

Lil said...

The rug is very beautiful. Must have been a lot of work.

Lil on Lilsdolls

Isabel Ruiz said...

Interesante el nombre por el tamaño de la alfombra.Se ha notado el avance de la tuya

BiWuBär said...

You're absolutely wrong - what I really thought while reading your post and especially looking at the pictures was "Incredible! Natalia and her needle are faster than the speed of light!". You are amazing - and this design is beautiful. It was interesting to know that there's some kind of rug science existing. I really like the ones called "Pushi" - just for the name... ;O)


Fabiola said...

Your rug is a piece of art.
Bye, Faby

maribel said...

Guaaaauuuuu!!!! es realmente una obra de arte. EStoy impresionada.

Muriellisa said...

Bravo pour cette belle avancée cette semaine. Je suis bien d'accord avec toi, les lignes droites sont très longues à réaliser. Bon courage pour la suite.

miniacollection said...

Reaaly amazing work!


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