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Merry Christmas and Happy New 2014 Year!

This is my new design of a dollhouse rug Heriz Serapi and it is round. Please, use this pattern ONLY for personal use.

It requires 40 count silk gauze to be stitched on, but you also can use 35 count (if you want a bigger rug), or 49 count silk gauze (if you want to have a smaller rug).

40 count silk gauze
201 x 201 stitches
5.03" x 5.03"

There are 4 pages:

Here is a shopping list for DMC, however you are welcome to change the color palette!

A picture of your finished rug will be highly appreciated!

Have fun and Happy Stitching!



Merry Christmas!
This is my Christmas gift to all of you - a needlepoint pattern for a dollhouse miniature rug. You are welcome to change the color of a background. If you have any questions while working on this rug, don't hesitate to contact me: If you finish this rug I will be happy to post the image of it on my blog. 
Happy stitching!

155 x 151 stitches
The size of a completed rug is 3.88" x 3.77" (9.84 x 9.59 cm)
stitched on 40 count silk gauze with DMC


Here is a new Needlepoint pattern for a Dollhouse miniature are rug "LACE" in 1/12th scale.

It was charted for 40 count silk gauze, but can be worked out using the finer count of silk gauze. It was charted for using DMC, but of course you are welcome to use any brand of threads, and any colors you like. There are 211 x 145 stitches. The rug measures 5.28" x 3.63" (13.40 x 9.21 cm). The design was adopted from a real size rug.

Here is the chart. There are 6 pages and the table that corresponds to the pages.
The green line around indicates the edges of the rug and the red line indicates the center of the chart.


If anyone finishes the stitching of this rug, I will be more than happy to see the pictures and post the images of your work on my blog.

Thank you and Happy New Year!


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