Saturday, January 8, 2011


I've got a lot of messages in my e-mail box with a question how I design, how the ideas come up. I like to draw and make patterns using my computer cross stitch program. It is fast, it gives you variety of colors and different kinds of stitches. It comes when I am patterning a big and complicated design. When I am doing something small like pillows, Christmas stockings, I usually grab a pen and a piece of grid paper and just do drafting in black and white. Sometimes I am doing it with color pencils but most of the time my almost 5 -year old princess takes all of them from me and I am chasing her around the house. I "color" a picture in my head while stitching. That's why sometimes it happens that I am not satisfied with the result. Here you can see some examples of the Christmas stocking I made last night preparing for the next week to stitch (2 at the bottom have been stitched already).

Designing a project - it is really a fun. You need to try sometimes. Thinking about it I came up with a great idea - to open a new contest for you. I hope you will support me in it. Watch for a new post!

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