Friday, January 7, 2011


This Beach Cottage was made from a scratch I made, woodwork was done by my husband, I put it together and try to finish it. It is our first dollhouse we built together and that's why it is very dare to me. The Cottage is not completed yet and I put some furniture inside just to get some other ideas.

I really don't like this house but will finish it.

This is a Witch Hut. This project tha I call "Youth Fountain" is not a Halloween project, but it will be a lot of magic, blood, dead bodies, graves and life... There is a whole story behind it. I will tell you later, be patient...

I bought this broken vintage Victorian dollhouse at the thrift store, cleaned it, threw away all windows and doors and plan to restore it. It requires a lot of work. I would say it is easy to build a new one than to restore an old.


BiWuBär said...

Great variety of gorgeous houses - I really love the witch's project (surprise, surprise - lol). Is that a prepared grave in the backyard? Well, I can hardly wait to see your progresses on your different projects.


Sans! said...

You sure have many houses , Natalia and this is after you have sold the earlier 4?

I can see why you love the one your husband built. I think with your attention to details and your embroidery , it is going to be a spectacular house. The carpet in that house is an Aubusson? What count is it? It looks wonderful.

I have not tried building a house from scratch but I find bashing one already built quite fun and easy :).

I too am looking forward to seeing the progress of all your projects.

Margriet said...

It is nice to see I'm not the only one who is working on multiple projects at the same time :-)
I'm very curious about the Youth Fountain project...sounds wonderful!!!


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