Monday, January 31, 2011


Today I started a new blog that is called IT'S ALL ABOUT NATALY.
The blog will be devoted to my little girl Nataly and her first doll house in 1:6 scale. The house is Victorian and will be painted as Victorian. The dimensions of the house will be 60" wide x 49 1/2" high x 39 1/2" deep and I am sure Nataly will have fun setting up the rooms and playing with her dolls while I will be happy to build it for her. I am very excited to start this project, I hope it won't take too long time. Nataly and me are inviting you to join us and follow our new blog

Tomorrow we are going to the wood store to buy wood.

1 comment:

Sans! said...

You know I was there already and loving what I see so far!


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