Monday, January 3, 2011


As you remember, I opened a challenge for myself last November. I promised to stitch a pillow per a day. So far I stitched 12 pillows during 12 days. My husband's sickness interfered me with my challenge. I put together some of them, you can see it on the picture. I still have 4 pillows left but can't put them together yet because the silk gauze I am stitching on still has some space for stitching. Unfortunately, I didn't take the pictures of each pillow separately and regret about it a lot - all pillows were sold.

I also finished stitching and putting together a pair of slippers:

Is it a time for a new challenge?


Elga said...

Your pillows turned out beautiful and I am happy for you that you sold them all, also love the slippers.

BiWuBär said...

No wonder these pillows did sell well - they're gorgeous. What a pity you didn't take pictures - but this ensemble pic is better than nothing... ;O)


Mary said...

Very,very beutiful. Happy new year.

Sans! said...

Your pillows are wonderful and no wonder they are sold so quickly. You may not have taken pictures of each pillow but I remembered you recorded your progress with each one quite well on this blog.

Your shoes are exquisite, Natalia!

cockerina said...

hello! Your pillows are gorgeous! but the slippers are very nice, congratulations!
I hope that your husband is well and you also, with your kids!
a big kiss and happy new year!


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